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Add A Burst Of Colour With Winter Flowers

As much as we hate to say it – summer is well and truly over.

Now’s the time our gardens start to look a little sad. Our summer violas are no longer smiling and our Dahlias are no longer dancing. However, all is not lost.

Our gardens don’t have to be grey and dull until the Daffodils begin appearing in early spring. There are some hardy, yet beautiful flowers that can reveal colour and vibrancy on even the dullest of winter days…

Violas and Pansies

Don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance, as these winter-flowering pansies (and their slightly smaller relation - violas) are incredibly versatile. With the correct care and attention, you can see them your garden from autumn, right through to spring.

TIP: Plant them in a sunny or partially shaded area of your garden and deadhead regularly.

Cyclamen Coum

This subtle yet stunning winter flowering plant is perfect for beds, borders and window boxes. The burst of pink will brighten up those post-Christmas blues.

Laurus Nobilis (A.K.A Bay Tree)

Ah, the humble bay tree. They look stunning both placed either side of the front door or dotted around your back garden. These evergreen shrubs are understated and elegant. However, planted in a statement pot they can make a real impression on guests as they walk through your front door.

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is gorgeous flowering shrub that can grow well in many conditions. Although not carrying the signature Jasmine scent, this shrub will flower in some of the most difficult situations, offering a delightful shower of yellow stars on a cold November morning.


Winter-flowering heathers not only offer a burst of pink, white and purple colour but they also offer a fantastic three-dimensional texture to the garden. Its hardy, evergreen properties make it easy to maintain and a perfect choice for winter bedding or pots.


This unusual plant is grown for its bare, yet colourful stems in winter. Even after a spell of bitterly frost, this hardy plant radiates colours of red, purple, yellow and lime green.


These dainty little winter staples begin to flower in the New Year. The crisp white flowers offer a sheet of pure winter bliss, which can last right through to March.


Still stuck for some inspiration? Head down to Springwood Garden Centre in Burnley and one of our garden experts will be more than happy to help.