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It’s Time To Get The Garden Ready For Spring

The quiet winter period is almost over and spring is creeping up on us - finally! It’s the season of new life and fresh starts – so why not get ahead now and have your garden looking fabulous for summer?


If your garden is looking a little worse for wear, fear not, we have devised the perfect guide for getting your garden ready for the warmer and sunnier months ahead.


1.    Clear your garden of debris, dead leaves and weeds


Tidy flowerbeds and pots promote better growth in flowers and plants so give them a really good clear out. We suggest cutting back dead growth of your deciduous grasses and herbaceous perennials. When the soil is workable, it’s a good idea to dig up around 3-5cm layer of soil and work good quality manure or compost into the empty borders


2.    Clean your greenhouse, gardening tools and trays


Make sure your greenhouse is sparkling by the time spring arrives! As well as outside, ensure you give the inside of the glass a thorough clean too, using a mild disinfectant. This should help to rid of any pests burrowed in the smallest nook and crannies – all of which act as a potential threat to your plants.


Following this, wash your pots and trays to prevent harmful diseases, which again could affect your young plants. Give your greenhouse a few ventilation days before proceeding to begin planting.


3.    Sow seeds that need longer


From February you can begin to sow seeds such as aubergines, peppers, Geraniums and Begonias. Obviously they will need to be sown in a heated propagator (or a suitable equivalent) to ensure the environment has a stable temperature, which will promote good growth.


4.    Fix garden fences, tools and protect furniture


It might be cold outside but it’s the ideal time of year to get those annoying – and necessary – jobs out of the way! Fix any important tools, garden structures (e.g. sheds, arbours etc.) or fences before spring’s arrival to free up your time for strictly gardening.


Once the weather becomes dryer, we advise treating your wooden structures with a protective layer to maintain the quality.



So there you have it – a few jobs you can get started on before spring arrives because we are sure you’re dying to get back in the garden – this should help the time fly by!


If you need any seeds, plants or just some advice, please feel free to visit us at our Burnley garden centre and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!