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July: Essential Tasks


Usually we’d advise watering your plants thoroughly at least once or twice a week, as opposed to every day. This encourages your plants to hunt down their roots in search of extra water. However, as June produced a tsunami of rain, we recommend you gauge your own watering schedule depending on the forecast in your area.



Slugs and snails will be having a field day in this weather. Keep an eye out for the tell tale signs of their intrusion and take necessary precautions if you find your plants are being sabotaged.
Greenfly and blackfly absolutely adore the heat, so if we do finally get a real summer, be vigilant. The best non-chemical control is luring their natural enemies in your garden, which includes ladybirds and lacewing larvae.

Perfect weather for plant growth = perfect weather for weed growth!

Where you can, opt for prevention over cure. Prevention comes in the form of mulching your boarders. If you don’t know where to start weeding or how can you even make a dent - pick the weeds that are flowering, as they will be adding to your problem!

July is a fruity month as the first round of blackberries, blueberries and cherries should be ready. Not forgetting those early peaches, nectarines and plums. Although we must add, try to be patient. If they still need time to ripen - let them! Nobody will be impressed with your super sour berries and rock hard peaches anyway!


Prepare for Harvest
Be sure to dry out garlic and onions a few days before you harvest them. Ensure you do this during a dry spell of weather or there won’t be much drying going on. Lift your bulbs from the soil and let them soak up the summer sun.
Water your tomatoes with a liquid feed and resist the urge to pick your outdoor fruits until they are perfectly ripe and sweet.

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