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January Gardening Jobs

We hope you are having a fantastic festive season and enjoying the crisp winter weather. At this time of year we begin to look forward to the year ahead and what better way to celebrate the New Year than planting in the greenhouse ready for the spring?

The weather in January is still too cold to plant outside so most of these jobs are all to be carried out in the greenhouse or in the cold frame.


By the time Christmas is over we do begin to get a little impatient waiting for summer. By planting strawberry plants (in the cold frame or under cloches) in January you’ll get a nice early crop, so you can bring in the summer vibes way before the temperatures start to soar.


These beautiful flowers begin to appear in July so it’s important to plant the seeds between January and March. Plant them in compost trays or pots but don’t cover them. Once the danger of frost has passed, plant them outside. Choose lots of different colours to burst your garden into vibrancy in the middle of summer.


Ahhh, the calming smell of Lavender on an early summers’ day, it doesn’t really get much better does it? Plant these seeds in a propagator in January and when the seedlings are large enough to handle transfer them to a cold frame. Lavender is also great for attracting bee’s to your garden, it’s so important that we look after them in the year to come.


This wonderfully dainty plant is so useful to fill out bedding, containers and hanging baskets and it looks beautiful during flowering. Sow them onto compost and place into a propagator (18-24 degrees centigrade) and when seedlings are large enough to handle grow them in cooler conditions until they are large enough to plant outdoors.

Container-grown Fruit Trees

Container fruit tree’s can be planted at any time of year, so during the quiet month of January seems like as good a time as any. Use good quality compost with one-third grit and feed fortnightly with a high-potassium liquid tomato feed.

Some housekeeping

If you had a real Christmas tree this year, shred it and use it for mulch. Now is also a good time to clean out pots and the greenhouse ready for spring. The lawn may be looking a little dishevelled after the festive season (aren’t we all!) so give it a tidy around the edges.

So whilst January seems like a very quiet month in the garden, we hope we have given you a few jobs to keep you busy, but enjoy the peace whilst you can – spring is only round the corner.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at Springwood Garden Centre.

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