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June: Essential Tasks

It’s difficult to believe that we are already almost half way through the year but here we are, June – a very busy but rewarding time in the garden. Not that we want to jinx it but it is supposed to be a month full of sunshine and warm weather so the first job of the month is to dust off the barbeque, wipe down the outdoor furniture and set a date for al fresco dining! 


June is perhaps one of the most important months for the sport of Tennis as it’s when the world’s best tennis players compete at Wimbledon. There are a few jobs that can be done in order to get your lawn looking “Wimbledon worthy”; firstly, and most importantly is mowing the lawn at least once a week! It’s also important to hoe the borders regularly to keep the weeds at bay. June can be a dry month so make sure you keep your lawn watered to keep it looking lusciously green.


In the vegetable garden it’s time to harvest lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes. You also need to pinch out side shoots on tomatoes in order to concentrate the plants energy into producing fruit. Now the risk of frost has passed you can plant out tender vegetables such as courgettes, squash and sweet corn. If you have a greenhouse you must shade it to keep it cool and prevent scorching.


The garden can look at it’s absolute prettiest in June as it’s time to plant out colourful summer bedding, hang out your summer hanging baskets and put out your summer plant pots. Stake any tall or floppy perennial plants to prevent them from wind damage. Hanging baskets are a great way to bring some colour to your front garden. Put one either side of your front door to create a beautiful entrance.

Happy Gardening!

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