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The quiet winter period is almost over and spring is creeping up on us - finally! It’s the season of new life and fresh starts – so why not get ahead now and have your garden looking fabulous for summer? If your garden is looking a little worse for wear, fear not, we have devised the perfect guide for getting your garden ready for the warmer and sunnier months ahead. 1.    Clear your garden of debris, dead leaves and weeds Tidy flowerbeds and pots promote better growth in flowers and plants so give them a really good clear out. We suggest cutting back dead ..
Happy New Year to you all! We really hope that you have had a lovely Christmas and that 2017 holds lots of exciting things for you. That being said, January is often a time in which we try to cut back on those treats that we slightly over-indulged on over the festive period. However, getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, there are foods that you can grow in your back garden, vegetable patch or greenhouse that are nutritionally balanced and taste delicious. Read on for some grow-spiration!LettuceSow: March – SeptemberPlant out: March – SeptemberHarvest: May - OctoberThe found..
We hope you are having a fantastic festive season and enjoying the crisp winter weather. At this time of year we begin to look forward to the year ahead and what better way to celebrate the New Year than planting in the greenhouse ready for the spring? The weather in January is still too cold to plant outside so most of these jobs are all to be carried out in the greenhouse or in the cold frame.StrawberriesBy the time Christmas is over we do begin to get a little impatient waiting for summer. By planting strawberry plants (in the cold frame or under cloches) in January you’ll get a nice early ..
1. Fairy lightsWhether they are hung in the trees, draped across windows or suspended above the garden, fairy lights make your garden look like Santa’s grotto in an instant. Choose which type of light you prefer (either warm or cool glow) and use them wherever you feel necessary. What’s really great about them is they don’t have to come down after Christmas; fairy lights look great all year round!2. Fake snowWe’re all dreaming of a white Christmas but not only is there a slim chance of this happening on Christmas Day, after a few days the snow doesn’t exactly look fit for next year’s Christmas..
As the winter months start to draw in, the weather gets increasingly colder and our gardens, unfortunately, begin to look a little lifeless. However, all is not lost… There are certain practices you can put in place to attract an abundance of winter wildlife to your garden. We cant think of anything more cheery than looking out of your kitchen window to see a garden brimming with life, even in the coldest of months. Hedgehogs Building a log pile attracts all kinds of creatures, both big and small. Hedgehogs love log piles – they had a bad year last winter due to all the heavy rainfall and fl..
As much as we hate to say it – summer is well and truly over. Now’s the time our gardens start to look a little sad. Our summer violas are no longer smiling and our Dahlias are no longer dancing. However, all is not lost.Our gardens don’t have to be grey and dull until the Daffodils begin appearing in early spring. There are some hardy, yet beautiful flowers that can reveal colour and vibrancy on even the dullest of winter days…Violas and PansiesDon’t be fooled by their delicate appearance, as these winter-flowering pansies (and their slightly smaller relation - violas) are incredibly versatil..
Where did summer go? No really – where did it go? We can’t believe that September is just around the corner, which means the days will be getting shorter and the vibrant colours in your garden will slowly start to fade away. We don’t want all the hard work you’ve put into over summer to be wasted and we are sure you won’t want that to happen either. So here we are going to show you the things that you can do to protect your treasured garden from the harsh winter weather.  ·      Protective coverings As soon as you spot the first signs of frost, whic..
Watering Usually we’d advise watering your plants thoroughly at least once or twice a week, as opposed to every day. This encourages your plants to hunt down their roots in search of extra water. However, as June produced a tsunami of rain, we recommend you gauge your own watering schedule depending on the forecast in your area. Pests Slugs and snails will be having a field day in this weather. Keep an eye out for the tell tale signs of their intrusion and take necessary precautions if you find your plants are being sabotaged. Greenfly and blackfly absolutely adore the hea..
It’s difficult to believe that we are already almost half way through the year but here we are, June – a very busy but rewarding time in the garden. Not that we want to jinx it but it is supposed to be a month full of sunshine and warm weather so the first job of the month is to dust off the barbeque, wipe down the outdoor furniture and set a date for al fresco dining!  June is perhaps one of the most important months for the sport of Tennis as it’s when the world’s best tennis players compete at Wimbledon. There are a few jobs that can be done in order to get your lawn looki..
April’s weather was full of surprises including hail, snow and torrential rain but May is off to a promising start with the temperatures well and truly on the rise! Now whilst it’s not yet swimsuit and sunbathing weather, we can make the most of the bright cool evenings and catch up with what we couldn’t do in April.                                                                     ..
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April: Essential Tasks
Ahhh, spring has arrived and the natural world is starting to feel full of life, movement and vibrancy again. Is there anything more pleasing than to watch your garden emerge from colour hibernation and begin to reflect a year’s worth of hard work? On the other hand, April’s notoriously intermittent weather can produce an array of problems in our gardens. But if you’re prepared with a thorough and flexible plan, these problems can easily be avoided. With summer creeping around the corner, there are certain jobs that have to be carried out this mon..
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